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Romney and Gingrich Are Pro-What? And Who Is On RightOn’s Short List?

Filling in a BallotJulie Rovner of NPR blogged that Mitt Romney never really was pro-choice. Here’s the quote:

“In Massachusetts, when he was running for governor…a very liberal state, a state that was pro-choice, he was playing to the audience,” says Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America. “And he made promises to the pro-choice community at that time that he did not keep,” she said, including vetoing a bill that would have provided emergency contraceptives to victims of rape. “So the fact of the matter is he was not authentic in his position at that time.”

Rovner then points out Continue reading

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Response to National Latino News Suggestion that GOP Immigration Plank Is Anti-Family

Barbed Wire FenceOn issues, immigration policy may be the largest disagreement between myself and the mainstream of the Republican party. This article at National Latino News comes close to expressing my point of view on immigration.

I repeatedly ask Republicans why they hold their deport-all-the-illegals and their block-most-immigration positions. One of the most common answers is: “We are a nation of laws.” This article addresses that answer, somewhat. In my conversations, I ask whether the law is good or bad and I rarely get an answer until I push. The Republican anti-immigration conversationalist merely quips, “We are a nation of laws.” I wonder if blind adherence to laws simply because they are laws Continue reading

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Huckabee Says Romney Is Better Than Obama Every Day of the Week

Former Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee

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On Sunday, Mike Huckabee is reported to have espoused the acceptability of Romney. Frankly, I am surprised at what Huckabee said Continue reading

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