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Pro-Life Michele Bachmann Challenges GOP Frontrunners: Life Remains Central Issue

Michele BachmannRealClearPolitics reports that

Michele Bachmann on Monday appeared to challenge more vigorously the conservative credentials of Herman Cain and Mitt Romney, although she mentioned neither by name.

The report quotes Bachmann asserting that she is pro-life and implying that some Republican primary opponents (read: Romney and Cain) were less so.

“Some Republican candidates seem confused by what it means to be 100 percent pro-life,” Bachmann said. “I am both personally and publicly pro-life, and our candidate has to do more than just check the box on the issue of life.

It’s hard to find any criticism that Bachmann is not consistently pro-life. But she is more than just pro-life; she is continuing to make the issue central to her candidacy.

Pro-abortion NARAL says “Rep. Michele Bachmann has an extreme record of anti-choice activism. As a member of Congress, she has never cast a pro-choice vote.” It’s not hard to be condemned by NARAL—anyone supporting any limitations to fully tax-payer funded abortions from conception to half-way through birthing (and beyond in the case of hysterotomy abortion) earn their vociferous denunciation and every current Republican candidate is denounced—but few earn the distinction of being disclaimed for having “never cast a pro-choice vote”.

At the beginning of the campaign, a Bachmann friendly blog, for their #1 reason for supporting her, said, “Michele Bachmann would be the most pro-life president the U.S. has had ever since Roe v. Wade was decided.” Early this year LifeSiteNews quoted Bachmann placing the life issue ahead of every other issue:

The life of the unborn is not a sidebar issue. This is it. It is the issue that impacts more than any other how you view other issues. … It is the watershed issue of our time.”

LifeNews reported “Bachmann has a 100 percent pro-life voting record covering abortion and bioethics issues, according to the National Right to Life Committee.”

Her recent comments demonstrate that Life remains at the center of her campaign. Michele Bachmann is right on life.


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  1. What if I leave a thoughtless reply? I am giving a serious look at Bachmann’s campaign, though I doubt I will endorse her. That is mostly because me endorsing her is a lot like a small town high school’s newspaper sports section reporter endorsing her. Who will give a hoot ten minutes from now? (Okay, maybe even before the ten minutes is up).

    Comment by davidshedlock | 8th November 2011 9:44 AM | Reply

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