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Planned Parenthood: No Choice for Pregnant Clients

Image of Doctor Smoking a CigaretteHere’s an interesting article from Life Site News offering several stories about Planned Parenthood Clinics refusing to offer any sort of care or assistance other than abortions.

“She just wanted to know if she was pregnant — but Planned Parenthood wanted to steer her towards abortion.”

“One couple we offered assistance to told us as they were leaving that Planned Parenthood would not even give them a pregnancy test if they were not planning to have an abortion”.

“The daughter was pregnant and angry at Planned Parenthood for not being willing to provide any pregnancy care whatsoever if she didn’t plan on aborting the baby”.

Other stories exist, like this one:

“Planned Parenthood regularly sends patients to us. Usually that is because they are not seeking an abortion but are in need of an early ultrasound.”

And this:

“But when she went inside and explained her situation, she was told that they could not help her get a car seat, but that since she was financially strapped, she could sign documents indicating that she was under psychological stress and get a medical waiver for a late-term abortion. (Abortion is legal only up to the 24th week of pregnancy, even in New York, except to preserve the life or health of the mother).”

The key is found in the first article:

“She simply needed help filling out insurance forms. They were directed instead to the pro-life pregnancy care center to get the assistance they needed.”

Why should Planned Parenthood waste money from its pro-abortion funding sources on patients who don’t want abortions, when the pro-life clinic down the street can waste their resources instead?

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  1. […] Planned Parenthood: No Choice for Pregnant Clients (rightonlife.org) […]

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  2. And they’re receiving tax dollars?!?

    Comment by Matt | 12th November 2011 1:02 AM | Reply

  3. Yep.

    We cannot waste public funds on abortion alternatives when private funds can take care of those things. We need to save taxpayer money for abortions.

    I’m sure that is what taxpayers want.

    Comment by Right On Life | 12th November 2011 2:15 AM | Reply

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