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Bachmann Says Gingrich is Not Consistently Pro-Life

Newt Gingrich

In a press release issued immediately after The Family Leader’s Thanksgiving Family Forum on Saturday, Michele Bachmann’s campaign criticized Newt Gingrich’s Pro-Life Record: “Two decades ago, Gingrich portrayed himself as a moderating force on the Republican Party’s staunch pro-life position”. As evidence of this charge, she points to both Gingrich’s failure, when he was Speaker of the House “to stem the flow of taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood” and his disastrous endorsement of pro-abortion Republican candidate in a special congressional election in 2009 for New York’s 23rd District over the pro-life Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman about which Gingrich commented:

“What’s happening in New York and in New Jersey should be a sober warning to every purist in this country. …If you seek to be a perfect minority, you’ll remain a minority. That’s not how Reagan built his revolution or how we won back the House in 1994.”

Bachmann’s strongest point is a quote of Gingrich portraying “himself as a moderating force on the Republican Party’s staunch pro-life position”:

“The Republican Party, I will venture to predict … will draw the line in such a way that we are clearly the party which will have fewer abortions in America than the Democrats.”

“The Republican Party will be the party that on balance prefers the fewest abortions possible. The Democrats will be, on balance, the party favoring the maximum number of abortions.”

To our ears “the party that on balance prefers the fewest abortions possible” is a less than rousing slogan. We do not think that language would play well in other right-or-wrong issues. Would you be happy supporting “the party which will have fewer corruption scandals in America than the other” or “the party on balance prefers the fewest civil rights violations possible”? No? Well, we are not enthusiastic about supporting a candidate who sees abortion as less than a right-or-wrong issue.

Gingrich remarked in 1990, that the abortion issue

“has diverted Republican energies and it has led the [party] into a very dangerous period of focusing on what divides us rather than what unites us.”

“With a strategic push from Chairman Lee Atwater, the Republican Party has begun lurching toward a new consensus on abortion, but it is not clear whether the party can get there without triggering a civil war. Atwater’s immediate goal is to get through the 1990 elections without allowing the abortion issue to trip up Republican candidates the way it did in Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections last November.”

It may be that the abortion issue is what divides Gingrich from social conservatives. This much is certain: there is a sizable portion of the party’s base that will not tolerate a candidate that is not a pro-life stalwart.

If party moderates and RINOs try to establish a new consensus on abortion by giving us a pseudo-pro-life candidate, they will likely trigger the electoral equivalent of a civil war that even the spectre of Obama may be unable to stifle.


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  1. Has he changed his position since these quotes? They are from aong time ago. I know my positions have become more clear since 1990 or 1994…

    Comment by skippy | 21st November 2011 6:10 AM | Reply

  2. Good question. If Gingrich remains out front, we’ll get more chances to look at his pro-life position.

    Comment by Right On Life | 21st November 2011 2:36 PM | Reply

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