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Life: Single Issue or Prerequisite Position?

How should we vote?Those of us who are unwilling to vote for a pro-abortion candidate are sometimes called “single-issue voters”. However, since, we don’t think of this as the only extant issue, we object to the term. The term seems to suggest that we look at one issue and ignore all the rest. Now the argument of some is more complex than that; but the dismissive labeling of some pundits is every bit that simplistic.

How do I see things?

It is difficult to express to someone who is not pro-life as a matter of fundamental principle how I see the issue—without causing an uproar. When I make analogies, non-pro-life readers are immediately incensed at the provocative comparisons. Doubtless pro-abortion persons (or pro-choice, as they prefer to be called) would say that there is no valid comparison between an abortion and the Holocaust, or chattel slavery, or genocide, or whatever heinous crime I compared to abortion.

But you see that is exactly the rub. That is exactly how I see it. With every abortion, an innocent life is snuffed out. Documented abortions in this country kill almost a million innocent, helpless babies each year. I see this wholesale slaughter of pre-born persons in the same terms as I see the mass murder of grown-up persons. I would prefer if everyone would see it that way; but you may not. If you are willing to grant that I do, the rest of this post may make sense to you. If you are not willing to grant that I sincerely see things this way, you may as well move on; there’s nothing to see here.

Given the heinousness of murdering these unborn children, how can I vote for someone who is totally unwilling to interfere with the continuing legality of it, or worse, who actively defends the legalization of this moral crime? If magistrates (law, police, and judges) do not protect the weak members of society, what are they there to do? Protect the strong?

How can I vote for someone who endorses crime? If magistrates do not stand for what is right, what are they there to do? Support those who can pay for justice?

If a candidate cannot be trusted to protect a baby, that candidate cannot be trusted–period. If a candidate cannot oppose a heinous moral crime, that candidate will not resist lesser injustices like bribery, corruption, sexual harassment, stealing, and oath-breaking.

For me, the Law of Life is so fundamental that those who oppose it are disqualified for office, plain and simple. When I have several pro-life candidates, I get to choose. When I have none, no one gets my vote.

Life is not a “single issue”, it is simply a prerequisite position.

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