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Abortion and Single-Issue Politics

Susan B. Komen for the CureToday’s flap over a decision by Susan G. Komen for the Cure to cease funding groups that are under government investigation has again brought to the fore, the question of single-issue politics.

Yesterday, we read of a new policy by the nation’s largest breast cancer charity, “barring grants to organizations that are under investigation by local, state, or federal authorities.” Today the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its supporters, exerted a monumental effort to retaliate.

Huffington Post reported three Komen officials had resigned or threatened to resign in protest. Washington Post published breaking news that 26 US Christian Post reported that PPFA raised, in the 24 hours since the story broke, almost as much as Komen had denied them. NewsBusters pointed out that the media has disproportionately reveled in this story.

A Few Snarky Observations

I can think of no better way to rid an organization of pro-abortion ideologues than for them to resign willingly. So to you, Mollie Williams and Deb Anthony, I say, thank you. To you, Dr. Kathy Plesser, please stand firm and resign. I thank you in advance.

US Senators and Representatives really should be engaging in some sort of meaningful constitutionally authorized activity. It seems strange that federal legislators should take time out of their busy days governing this massive and complex nation to urge a private charity how best to spend its money.

Undoubtedly, PPFA, despite making up nearly all the loss from Komen’s denial, will still want every dime that Komen owes them. The extra cash should be viewed as merely something to help offset the stress of the day. And now that I think of it, maybe Komen should substantially increase its contribution to PPFA.

Does the PPFA not care enough to spend a single dime of its own on breast cancer screenings?

Where is the media’s vaunted journalistic neutrality when Obama runs roughshod over freedom of conscience when he tries to force religious organizations to fund abortions? To ask the question is to answer it.

Single-Issue Politics

What is going on here? Is PPFA really so essential to Komen’s mission of combating breast cancer that Komen has no moral right to desist funding the abortion giant? No. That is absurd. What is really going on here is that abortion has become a single-issue for some. They have become, metaphorically speaking, single-issue abortion voters.

Central to their view of women’s rights that any limitation to abortion is viewed an assault on the most fundamental right of humanity: A Women’s Right to Choose. If the nation’s leading breast cancer charity needs to be sacrificed for this singular goal, so be it. What good is it to be free of breast cancer if you’re stuck with an unplanned pregnancy? Better to die of breast cancer than be hindered in killing your offspring. If Komen will not continue to fund the vast treasure hoard of Planned Parenthood, then it must be destroyed.

For some, abortion is not the main thing; it is the only thing.

In a largely overlooked part of Komen’s policy shift is “the foundation will now favor institutions and clinics that provide mammograms over those clinics and institutions that simply provide referrals to gynecologists.” Can breast cancer money be more beneficially allocated than continuing to dump $650,000 each year into organizations under investigation for illicit operations? Komen thinks so.

But single-issue abortion activists do not care.

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  1. And then they back-pedalled, SGK that is.

    Utterly sad.

    Comment by wadingacross | 4th February 2012 1:36 AM | Reply

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