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Abortion and Single-Issue Politics

Susan B. Komen for the CureToday’s flap over a decision by Susan G. Komen for the Cure to cease funding groups that are under government investigation has again brought to the fore, the question of single-issue politics.

Yesterday, we read of a new policy by the nation’s largest breast cancer charity, “barring grants to organizations that are under investigation by local, state, or federal authorities.” Today the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its supporters, exerted a monumental effort to retaliate.

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Life: Single Issue or Prerequisite Position?

How should we vote?Those of us who are unwilling to vote for a pro-abortion candidate are sometimes called “single-issue voters”. However, since, we don’t think of this as the only extant issue, we object to the term. The term seems to suggest that we look at one issue and ignore all the rest. Now the argument of some is more complex than that; but the dismissive labeling of some pundits is every bit that simplistic.

How do I see things?

It is difficult to express to someone who is not pro-life as a matter of fundamental principle how I see the issue—without causing an uproar. Continue reading

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Downplaying Abortion Issue to Let Economics Trump: A Faustian Deal

Abortion Memorial

A Path to Prosperity

Some tell us that the economy trumps the social issues. Others try to make the economy into the defining social issue, thus demoting social issues into something like “those other, lesser, social issues”. But are jobs, tax cuts, and the gold standard more important than the abortion issue?

There are well-informed voters who have a conservative position on abortion, marriage, and public decency that still vote Democrat. Why? Continue reading

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180 Movie Worth Watching

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