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Implications of Personhood from Conception 3 of 3: Will a Personhood Amendment Outlaw “The Pill”?

Picture of Expectant Mother

When does pregnancy begin?

In this series, we looked at the implications of personhood on miscarriage and birth control pills. We ended the prior post with the observation that one hormonal birth control, namely NuvaRing, “is … approved for the prevention of pregnancy in women” and asked, “What is pregnancy?” In this final post of the series, we begin with that question.


The Guttmacher Institute offers these almost-definitions
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Implications of Personhood from Conception 2 of 3: “The Pill” and Hormonal Birth Control


Pregnant Woman, Expectant Mother

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In the first post in this series we looked at the implications of a personhood on miscarriage and began looking at hormonal contraceptives. We observed that the pill (and the alternative delivery methods: the patch, ring, and injections) have three functions, one of which Continue reading

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Petition for Personhood Amendment in Iowa

Source: http://www.legis.state.ia.us/Pubinfo/S...

Personhood Amendment for Iowa

Kent Sorenson, State Senator for Iowa’s District 37 is asking for signatures on a petition in support of the Iowa Life at Conception Act.

In an e-mail sent this afternoon, Sorenson Continue reading

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Time For A New Pro-Life Campaign Strategy, Senator Santorum

Rick Santorum is a stalwart on issues pertaining to the family and abortion.  He may end up being the one I vote for in the Iowa Caucuses.  He is certainly courageous and willing to stand for all of the unborn children, regardless of how they came into this world.  For this he should be commended.  Frankly, I have trouble understanding why he isn’t doing better in the Iowa polls after traveling all over the state meeting voters one-on-one.  He is likeable, knowledgeable and conservative on all three of the traditional Republican stool legs (economics, social issues, defense). I have a few small beefs with some of his political choices, as I think he “plays the game” way too much, but I have very few differences with him in policy.

Nevertheless, I make one plea of Senator Santorum.  Please, please, stop touting your authorship of that impotent piece of legislation called the Partial Birth Abortion (PBA) Ban Act. There are several reasons why you should stop, now. Continue reading

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