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Perry: Right and Wrong

Perry Event 2/1/2010

At the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s presidential forum Saturday night, Perry indirectly, though not subtly, criticized Herman Cain’s pro-life position by saying, ““It is a liberal canard to say I am personally pro-life, but government should stay out of that decision. If that is your view, you are not pro-life.”

Quite true! And after Cain revealed his surprising position on life (on the 19th), quite right to mention.

But where is Perry, himself? Continue reading

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Romney Reveals Immigration Position During Debate

Picture of chameleonIn the debate between Republican Presidential candidates on 18 October (find video here), Rick Perry went after Romney on immigration. He said that Romney had no credibility because “you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year.” Romney pointed out they were not his employees:

“And let me tell you, it is hard in this country as an individual homeowner to know if people who are contractors working at your home, if they have hired people that are illegal.”

That part of Romney’s answer sounded pretty good; but he made a telling remark during his argument with Perry. Continue reading

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