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Life: Single Issue or Prerequisite Position?

How should we vote?Those of us who are unwilling to vote for a pro-abortion candidate are sometimes called “single-issue voters”. However, since, we don’t think of this as the only extant issue, we object to the term. The term seems to suggest that we look at one issue and ignore all the rest. Now the argument of some is more complex than that; but the dismissive labeling of some pundits is every bit that simplistic.

How do I see things?

It is difficult to express to someone who is not pro-life as a matter of fundamental principle how I see the issue—without causing an uproar. Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood: No Choice for Pregnant Clients

Image of Doctor Smoking a CigaretteHere’s an interesting article from Life Site News offering several stories about Planned Parenthood Clinics refusing to offer any sort of care or assistance other than abortions.

“She just wanted to know if she was pregnant — but Planned Parenthood wanted to Continue reading

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Pro-Life and Pro-Choice: Is There Any Common Ground? Answer is No!

Fetus Sucking His ThumbAbout two weeks ago, Carter Lee wrote an article at The Washington Times Communities website in which he presented his argument “that one can be both pro-life and pro-choice”. One week ago, at the website for The American Prospect, E.J. Graff wrote an article explaining her view that a person can be both “anti-abortion and pro-choice”.

The latter argument hinges upon the central thesis that the unborn is not a life. E. J. Graff insists that a person can be both “anti-abortion and pro-choice” though she Continue reading

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No Choice for Planned Parenthood Clinics, Abortions Required

Image of Planned Parenthood signWhile Planned Parenthood wants us to believe that it’s all about women’s health, pro-lifers say that PP is all about killing babies, and Rush Limbaugh has often suggested that abortion is virtually a sacrament to these people. Surely these are mischaracterizations. Surely.

Here’s an interesting news story that presents a surprising point of view. The Houston Chronicle reported in August, that a Planned Parenthood clinic in Amarillo and one in Corpus Christi were forced to pull out of the Federation because Planned Parenthood Federation of America adopted a policy, approved by vote of affiliate representatives, that will require affiliates nationwide to provide abortion in at least one clinic, starting in 2013. (Planned Parenthood is not pro-choice, in this case.)

Claudia Stravato and Amanda Stukenberg are not pro-life advocates; they are staunchly pro-abortion. In this article, they claim Continue reading

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